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French is used on every continent, spoken not only in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, North America, the Caribbean, Polynesia and Africa. This is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the structure of French, suitable for those with little prior knowledge of linguistics or of the French Language. It clearly introduces the language’s history, phonetics (pronunciation), phonology (sound system), morpho-syntax (how words and sentences are formed), pragmatics (how speakers express meaning), and lexicology (the study of word composition and derivation) – with each chapter showing how these aspects are subject to regional and social variation. English translations are provided for all examples, and the book contains an extensive bilingual glossary of linguistic terms, and numerous exercises and essay questions in every chapter. French: A Linguistic Introduction will be welcomed by advanced language learners, and by linguists studying the structure of this important language.

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Les propriétés phoniques des parlers des jeunes des quartiers urbains pluriethniques constituent un véritable stéréotype en français contemporain : l’accent dit “de banlieue” se reconnaît, s’imite, et fait la une. Quelles sont les caractéristiques prosodiques de ce français populaire héréditaire, influencé par le phonétisme des langues de l’immigration transmises oralement dans les quartiers ouvriers défavorisés des grandes villes françaises ? Quelle est la fonction sociale de ces indices phoniques ? Quels positionnements identitaires permettent-ils de signaler ?

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